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How could I possibly stop the storm that is tangled throughout me? Do you know what it is like to have too many words caught on your tongue? It feels like a spiderweb mixed with honey. It is sticky and burns. Love has bruised my ego. It has wounded my lips and pierced my fingertips.

It is my metaphors that bother you? I write them over and over because I am trying to find the right way to write the words I harbor. I’ll tell you a secret. These metaphors are for a boy that I love. Sometimes writers do crazy things when they find a muse.

I never knew that the poems I created would stick to me for so long. They have allowed me to peel my heartstrings and listen for heartbeats that I have found on other parts of my skin.

- n.a, “To the anonymous who asked me to write something different” (via sailingaugust)
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It’s my birthday! :)

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